All Trailers Types

The usefulness of trailers can’t be overstated. Below we’ve listed the most popular and common trailer and detailed the use case for each:

Box Trailer

A Box Trailer is defined as a small trailer without side doors. The open sides ensure the goods can easily be transferred or stored flat on the ground. It’s used extensively for transporting or storing consumable products, while keeping them safely enclosed, which makes it very effective.

A box truck is a large trailer that can carry more weight than a car. It is useful for moving goods in different directions.


Cage Trailer

While most people assume that the only people who use a Cage Trailer are those who are transporting livestock, there is more to it than that. For example, one of the best uses for a trailer is to use it as an off-road vehicle and even as a snowmobile towing vehicle. It very common to be used to transport large objects, such as furniture or hard rubbish.


Custom Trailer

Built to order. There are many customisable options available. Options including size, trailer accessories, tires, suspension systems, custom flooring and much more!


Flat Top Trailer



Flat Bench Trailer



Enclosed Trailer

An enclosed trailer usually has a wall or door on one side of the trailer, a sliding gate at the back, and a sliding door on one of its sides. Creating easier accessibility to the trailer’s contents.


Galvanized Trailer



Dolly Trailer



Hydraulic-Tipper Trailer

Hydraulic-Tipper Trailer, commonly known as Tippers is a great trailer to haul heavy loads such as logs for all types of jobs including landscaping, farm work, construction and lots more. The hydraulics are especially necessary with super heavy loads.


Law Mowing Trailer

Trailer used specifically to transport lawn mowing equipment.


Custom Plant Trailer

The first question that should be asked before deciding to get a plant trailer is; what exactly will your plant trailer be used for and what customisations are required?


Bike Trailer



Manual Tipper Trailer



Racks Trailer

Easy to transport and can be driven to almost any location. With Racks Trailers, you do not have to worry about storing the trailer as it is usually placed inside the company car and then taken to the appropriate location.


Scissor Lift Trailer

The scissor lift trailer is a very convenient way to transport goods over long distances and provide a safe, stable and quick way of transporting heavy items. It offers the best value for money and it is also safe to use as it does not involve any dangers for the people working or those who are on the move.


Shopping Trolley Trailer



Tandem Trailer

Choosing the right tandem trailer for your travel needs is an important decision, and you should choose one that will best suit your needs. By researching your options before you make your final decision you can have the most suitable trailer for you, whether you want to haul a heavy vehicle on a highway or are planning a trip with two friends.


Tri-AXLE Trailer

Tri-Axle Trailers provides extra load capacity and wide axle spreads. Shipping heavy machinery on a tri axle trailer takes special skills. Do proper shipping reviews to determine what kind of load your cargo needs to be safely transported.


Tradesman Top Trailer

The Tradesman Top Trailers is the trailer for any RV. Their lightweight construction means that they’re able to carry a huge load of stuff like gear and accessories, with easy access to all of your favorite equipment, and they also come equipped with all the amenities you need like a dinette set, a coffee maker, and even a fridge!


Car Carrier Trailer

A car carrier trailer, also called a car carrying trailer, automobile hauler, motorized vehicle hauler, etc, is a sort of semi-truck or flatbed trailer designed to effectively transport passenger automobiles through a truck trailer. It is usually made up of steel or aluminum frame, which is supported on two to three axles, and has a flat bed and a hitch on the front with a hook that can be attached to the tow bar.

Car Carrier Trailers
Size: 12×6 To 20×6’6″
Load Capacity: 2000kg to 4500kg GVM
Sides: 8″ To 18″
Plate: Full Checker Plate
Draw bar: 100mm x 50mm (Heavy Duty) With 10mm Safety Chain
Chassy: 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 50mm Heavy Duty
Suspension: 6 Leaf to 9 Leaf or Rocker Roller 5 Leaf To 8 Leaf
Brakes: Hydraulic, Mechanical or Electric Brake (Optional)
Mudguards: Heavy Duty Checker Plate Mudguard With Heavy Duty Side Rail Pipe
Paints: 2 Coats of Paint & 1 Coat Zinc Primer
Tyre & Wheels: Second Hand, New Wheel & Tyre (Optional)
Lights: LED Lights with Flat/Round Plug to Suit
Number Plate Holder: Special Number Plate Holder
Wheel Bracket: Spare Wheel Bracket

Trailer companies have thought far into the future, and have improvised various trailers for different and specific works. Every type of trailer has its different and specific purpose.

Trailers have very reduced accidental rates over the past few years. Usually, trailers have specific routes in which they take to bring goods and cargoes into the country.

The usefulness of Trailers can never be over exhausted. Trailers are articulated vehicles that have the capacity to carry large amount of goods in a breath or at a stretch.

Trailers are  faster and at the same time. Using trailers avoid congestion, it promotes uniformity of products. For example, a trailer that is conveying the cherry tomatoes in a large number, would help all of the cherry to ripe at the same time. There would not be any difference between them because they were under the same temperature and heat level. Also helps to save time and cost. The heavier the goods, the better it is. That is the essence of using trailer.